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Registration Fees for 2016-17
Students on free lunch pay no registration fees but are expected to pay add-ons if possible. 
Students on reduced lunch will pay a percentage of the registration fees based on the same percentage they pay for reduced price lunch, e.g. if reduced price lunch = $.40 with regular lunch $2.35, they will pay .40/2.35, or 17%, of registration fee amount.  This percentage will need to be recalculated when the lunch prices change.  This brings us in line with the “pro-rata” requirement in the state law.
Club fees (including marching band), yearbooks costs, graduation and prom costs, dual enrollment tuition, and athletic fees (including cheerleading) are not included with these recommendations.       

High School Registration Fees  
$65 for full-pay students                                                             
                Parking $25                                                        
                Band instrument rental = $45                     
                Replacement lock = $5
                Replacement ID badge = $5                         
                Teacher Cadet fee = actual cost of workbook, approximately $20
                Science Lab fee (Advanced Placement) = $20                      
                Art = $10                                                             
                Drama = $10
                Band fee = $10
​                Guitar fee = $10
CATE Courses
    1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
Culinary Arts   $50.00 $50.00  
Food & Nutrition   $20.00    
Sports Medicine   $35.00 $35.00  
Agriculture   $20.00 $20.00  
Automotive Technology   $80.00 $380.00  
Building Construction   $35.00 $35.00  
Business Education*   $10.00 $10.00  
Computer Assisted Design   $100.00 $85.00  
Cosmetology   $375.00 $175.00 $175.00
Cosmetology w/Nail Technology   $450.00 $450.00 $450.00
Criminal Justice   $80.00 $80.00  
Cyber Security/Networking   $200.00 $175.00  
Electricity   $60.00 $60.00  
Emergency Fire Mgt   $85.00 $85.00  
Fashion, Fabric & Design   $95.00 $85.00  
Health Science   $150.00 $150.00 $200.00
Industrial Maintenance   $85.00 $75.00  
Machine Tool   $85.00 $75.00  
Mechatronics (HVAC)   $85.00 $75.00  
Media Technology   $65.00 $65.00  
Nail Technology   $450.00    
Welding Technology   $200.00 $200.00  
* The business ed fee is for advanced classes only and only if needed for supplies.  Do not charge for Keyboarding and Computer Aps.
FCCLA and HOSA membership is included in CATE fees at ACCTC.  Skills USA membership of $20 is paid for by the program or by the student.

Reduced Lunch & Registration Fees for Reduced Lunch Students
 The 16-17 meal fees will be:
Full Pay Lunch For Elementary Students:  $2.30/day
Full Pay Lunch For Middle & High:  $2.45/day
Reduced Pay Lunch for all student age groups are: $0.40/day
Since registration fees for students on reduced pay must be equivalent to the percentage they pay for reduced price lunches, the registration fees for students on reduced pay lunch will be as follows:
Elementary                   $0.40/$2.30 =   .1739             .1739 x $40  = $6.95 
Middle                         $.40/$2.45 =    .1633                .1633 x $45 =  $7.35
High                            $.40/$2.45 =  .1633                  .1633 x $65 = $ 10.60
(Elementary and High fees rounded down by $.01 to nearest five cents.)