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Attendance is a key factor in student achievement. Any absence from school represents an educational loss to the student. We recognize some absences are unavoidable. However, once a student accrues 5 absences (lawful or unlawful) in a semester class or 10 absences (lawful or unlawful) in a year long-class, the student risks losing academic credit. 
Attendance Requirements
Attendance is recorded on a class-by-class basis.
  • A student must attend a semester class (½ credit) 85 days to receive credit.
  • A student must attend a year-long class (1 credit) 170 days to receive credit.
  • All absences (lawful or unlawful) are charged against the maximum allowed.
Lawful absences include:
  • Medical absences certified by a physician or other certified health provider.
  • Required court appearance certified by a statement from an officer of the court.
  • Death in the family (certification may be required).
  • Recognized religious holidays.
  • Emergencies approved by the principal.
Unlawful absences are defined as a student’s absence from school without an approved reason.  (Personal business/family business is considered unlawful.)
An absence from school requires a note from a parent/legal guardian or physician on the day the student returns to school after an absence
** In all cases, excuses for school absences must be presented to the attendance office before school (7:45 AM – 8:10 AM) on the day the student returns to school. 
An absence note from a parent or guardian should contain the following information:
a. Student's full name and grade level    
b. Date of absence and reason
c. Parent/guardian signature and phone #.
d. An attached doctor's statement (if applicable)
Excuses will only be accepted within five (5) days of absence (District Policy JBD). The failure to turn in an excuse within the five-day period will result in the absence being recorded as an unlawful absence regardless of the reason.
Procedures
Students who are late to school must sign in at the Attendance Office.
Tardy to class regulations
Promptness is expected; tardiness to class is simply unacceptable. Tardiness is defined as the arrival of a student in the classroom beyond the scheduled time that the class or homeroom is to begin. This includes first period! Students who are tardy interrupt instruction, distract other students, and miss instruction time. Tardiness is both an attendance and a discipline problem. The following consequences will apply to student tardiness:
1st – 3rd offense:                      Warning
4th – 5th offense                        1 day In-School
6th – 7th offense                        2 day In-School
8 or more                                 Expulsion
*No exception to serving detention will be made due to work or transportation issues.
*Failure to serve detention will result in the student being suspended.
*An intervention may be used to prevent students from reaching expulsion level rapidly (at the discretion of the administrator). 
*No tardy passes will be given after the first 10 minutes of each class with the exception of 1st period (1st period passes after the first 10 minutes will be given out in the attendance office upon signing into school.).
 A tardy may be excused under the following conditions:
  • bus issue.
  • medical condition verified by a physician or certified healthcare provider.
  • required court appearance.
Sign-out Procedures
  • Students who leave campus before the end of the school day are required to sign out in the Attendance Office. The only exceptions are for permanent early dismissal students and for students on a school field trip. 
  • It is preferred that a student is signed out by his/her parent. However, a signed note from the parent may be submitted to the attendance office the morning the student will be signing out of school. Parental phone numbers must be included for verification.
  • Students are not permitted to leave campus for personal errands.
  • If older sibling is a student @ NAHS, and is on the registration card to sign out younger student, they can only sign them out if there is a note from the parent, or the student has been seen by the nurse and it is determined that the student should go home.
  • No one can be signed out after 3pm
  • Attendance will not send for a student to wait in the attendance office until the parent arrives to sign them out.
  • Attendance will not sign a student out without a note, e-mail, or fax from the parent first thing in the morning so it can be verified with parent.
  • Attendance will not get a student out of class during instructional time for parent to give them something. We will give it to the student between classes.
  • If a student arrives after first period has started on matter what time of the school day they must come through the attendance office and sign in. They will not be given an admit slip the next day for the teachers of the classes they missed if they didn’t sign in.
  • Students will not be permitted to sign out during exams or standardized testing blocks. These are disruptions to other test takers during critical testing times.
Early Dismissal
  • Students approved for early dismissal must leave campus immediately upon dismissal and not return to campus without permission from school administration.
  • Early dismissal privileges can be revoked for academic or disciplinary reasons
 An automated telephone call is made when a student misses at least one class on a school day. When a student is unlawfully absent for three consecutive days, the school will attempt to establish contact with the parent/guardian to arrange a conference. During the conference, a plan will be developed to insure that the parent/guardian, student, and the school have an understanding regarding the future attendance of the student.
Make-up work
When a student is absent from school or class for any reason, it is his/her responsibility to make up all work. Assignments are posted and can be accessed via the Internet on any computer. Students will have one day per each excused absence to make up missed work. Exception will be made on a case-by case basis with students who miss an extended period for medical reasons.