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Dress Code
We recognize that students have the right to regulate their personal appearance. However, we reserve the right to bar from school students whose personal appearance is disruptive to the educational and orderly operation of the school. 
1. Pants, skirts, and shorts must be knee length or longer when standing, and worn to the waist with no underwear or undergarments showing. Pants, shirts, and shorts with holes above the knee are not permitted even with leggings underneath.
2Clothing sizes should be appropriate. Ridiculous over-sizing is not accepted nor is tight fitting pants such as leggings.
3.   Shoes must be worn at all times. 
4. Shirts must completely cover the front, back, stomach, and the sides from the shoulder to the waist when students raise their arms. All tops must cover the shoulder area (to the rotator cuff), no spaghetti straps, and must not expose cleavage.
5. Any attire that disrupts/interferes with the educational process is prohibited. Clothing deemed distracting, revealing, overly suggestive, or disruptive is not permitted.
6.  Hats, caps, hoods, scarves or any form of sweatband are not to be worn in the building.
7. Students are not to wear conspicuous or ridiculous costumes. Inappropriate language, alcohol, tobacco products, gang-related clothing or drug symbols are not permitted.
8. The following items are not permitted: wallet chains, clothing with imprinting in poor taste, sheer shirts/blouses, clothing exposing the midriff, backless sundresses, low-cut shirts, etc.
9.   Inappropriate clothing can be confiscated.
Any student sent to the attendance office for a dress code violation will result in a violation being logged and recorded in the system. Students will have the option of:
        A.     Enacting a change in their current outfit so that they are in compliance
        B.     calling home for an immediate change of clothing
        C.     wearing school provided shirt and/or pants which must be returned at the end of the day.
First Offense: Warning and change of clothing
Second Offense: Warning and change of clothing
Third Offense: One-day suspension
Fourth Offense: Two-day suspension
Fifth Offense: Three-day suspension
Sixth Offense: Expulsion Recommendation
      *** An intervention may be offered between the fourth and fifth offenses