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The history of North Augusta High School reflects great success over time, and has been achieved through supreme dedication. The administrators and community have sacrificed substantially on behalf of the school. From the beginning our

school has been the beneficiary of unlimited support from the community. Indeed, without the sacrificial support in its formative years, there is no doubt that our high school, as we know it, would not exist today.

With the construction of the 13th Street Bridge in 1891, North Augusta became a popular residential area. In 1898 on a West Avenue lot donated by the North Augusta Land Company, the first school was constructed for $300. Miss Nina Verdery, a native Augustan, was the first teacher of thirteen original students.

Due to North Augusta's expanding population, another piece of land was purchased on Georgia Avenue in 1901, and a new school was constructed. Over one hundred students moved into the two-story building composed of an auditorium and four rooms, but the school tragically burned to the ground in 1904. The sum of twelve thousand dollars was raised, and a new grammar school was constructed in 1905.

Soon after the turn of the century, the need for higher education led to the first North Augusta High School. It was built in 1910 on land adjacent to the grammar school. The following year the Schultz School District was organized. For the cost of $16,000, the building was enlarged in 1924 and, by 1927, accommodated 486 students.

In the 1930's North Augusta High School's population was increasing rapidly and the school received accreditation by he Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Another high school building was constructed between Carolina and Jackson Streets in 1939. The Savannah River Plant brought in heavy population growth, and in 1953 on Old Edgefield Road the next building to take the name of North Augusta Senior High School was built. This building now houses North Augusta Middle School.

The building of the present school was completed in 1968-69. The vocational wing was added in 1974-75, and additional classrooms were added in 1986 and again in 1992. The auditorium addition in 1993 is used by both the school and community.

The North Augusta school system has evolved over the last 100 years into one of the finest in the state. We are proud to be a part of this fine heritage.